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Battery for iPhone SE 2020 1821 mAh LICORE
  • Battery for iPhone SE 2020 1821 mAh LICORE

Battery for iPhone SE 2020 1821 mAh LICORE

Battery for iPhone SE 2020 1821 mAh LICORE. Imagem do modelo meramente ilustrativa.
19,90 €
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Licore battery is intended for iPhone models. It prolongs smartphone's life by up to 3 years. It has a real capacity, is perfectly adapted, and guarantees safety confirmed through numerous tests. Licore battery provides iPhone with a new life. It is factory-packed, free from any previous charging cycles, while declared capacity is real. Its dimensions comply with dimensions of original batteries. Licore battery remains operational for up to 3 years. Our product has a very long life of 1000 charging cycles – which means more or less 3 years of use. What is more, after a 1,5-year period of use (on average 500 cycles), its capacity drops by only 10%! Comparative studies have demonstrated that capacity of ordinary replacement batteries decreases by 25% after only 4 months (on average 120 cycles). Licore battery is top quality and safety guarantee. The battery has undergone numerous tests related to capacity, shock, fall, discharge, overcharge, work at low and high temperatures. It works efficiently and safely in any conditions. Licore battery is equipped with protection against excessive discharge so when the phone battery goes below the minimum level, the protection securing against excessive discharge activates. There is more than that! Protectioagainst overcharging secures the battery against accumulation of energy which may happen when the mobile phone is not instantly disconnected after complete charging. Licore battery also protects against short circuit. Shocks which the battery may be exposed to during everyday use do not lead to short circuit. Licore battery has undergone drop tests which confirm its proper operation even in extreme situations. Licore battery is also supplied with thermal protection so that it can work efficiently at high and low temperatures. Licore battery adopts a double IC unit which controls stability of current flow between the battery and mobile phone, and precisely (1% of precision) shows the real battery level. It is very easy to install the battery. The set includes a tape for easier installation of the battery. What can you get with Licore battery? 1. warranty 18 months 2. compatibility guarantee and safe 3. the longest battery working time on the market 4. easy installation Technical data: 1. no memory effect 2. lithium-ion cells 3. up to 1000 charging/discharging cycles 4. high real capacity 5. factory-wrapped battery 6. assembly tape included 7. warranty 18 months
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