Face mask AirPOP Kids Mask NV (2 pcs) white
    • Face mask AirPOP Kids Mask NV (2 pcs) white

    Face mask AirPOP Kids Mask NV (2 pcs) white

    Face mask AirPOP Kids Mask NV (2 pcs) white. Imagem do modelo meramente ilustrativa.
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    3D protective mask that provides advanced protection of the upper respiratory tract against all three types of air threats: pollution and dust, allergens, bacteria and viruses. The 360-degree Airlock seal makes the mask adhere perfectly to the face, preventing the penetration of smaller drops, which are not protected by loose masks. The Soft-Touch seal makes the mask extremely light, ensuring a perfect fit to the shape of the face and comfort when smiling and speaking. The unique design of the gasket and frame allows for the correct shape of the mask, keeping the filter away from the face and improving airflow. The five-layer filter core is electrostatically charged and therefore blocks even the smallest particles; the outer layers are resistant to dust and dirt. Advanced filtration provides protection against all three types of air threats, such as dust and pollution, droplets and aerosols, allergens, bacteria. The soft shell with 300+ holes is heat, water and abrasion resistant and easy to clean. The 3D shape sticks out from the face, creating a cover for clean air and balanced circulation. Specification: Material: nylon, polyester, ABS
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